Innovative Features For The Qolsys Monitoring Panel – What Are They?


Qolsys security system includes many features to make life simple and convenient. In addition, there are technology-related features that make the alarm panel innovative. The software of the monitoring panel is the main feature of Qolsys alarm monitoring system. There are regular updates in the software to provide robust services after the installation. Thus, it offers complete tracking of the activities for home and business security.

Before you learn about the innovative features of Qolsys Monitoringa quick recap of an existing one is also essential. The building of the new features will depend on the existing ones. These will update the existing qualities of the Qolsys panel. So, you can look at some of the new sensors built on the older ones and how you can use them without knowledge. In addition, it will educate about support to the panel for popular and smart video devices.

Recap of the existing advanced features of Qolsys Monitoring

The Qolsys panel has a long list of the existing features and offerings. It is essential to examine different types of security services available for with the alarm panel. In the traditional model, one of the main issues is related to strangers using the active user code for disarming the security. There is no solution available for the problem. However, the Qolsys Monitoring has cameras to snapshoot an image for arming and disarming the system.

 Apart from it, there are some intellectual features of the traditional panel that you should know. The monitoring panel has extended the features to the top level in the latest panel.

  • Utilizing the encrypted alarm security sensors for safety from hackers.
  • Blocking the burglary activity to avoid the overloading of wireless security frequency.
  • Using the cellular dialer for the central station communication.

So, it is a quick recap of the existing features of the Qolsys monitoring system. A feature list will inform you about the idea of security level through the panel. In addition to it, you can dive into the new and innovative features of the monitoring panel.

  • Facial recognition

 Qolsys Monitoring has a camera that has captivating behavior. The catching of the unauthorized use of disarming the security system is possible with the codes. In the newest version, the camera can remember the individual code seeking the disarming system. Furthermore, an instant message or push notification is provided to the user with the picture of a stranger. It is one of the best features of the modern panel.

With the feature, an alert will inform you about the unexpected activity. You can also install the application on the mobile phone, so the dispatching of police is also possible immediately. So, the relatives or strangers who are using the alarm use will no longer use them without your knowledge.

  • Long-range security sensors 

The latest version of the Qolsys panel has utilized the older features of the system for additional security. In the modern version, there is the creation of a long-range security sensor. These are the PowerG with wireless technology. The sensors provide four times more wireless range compared to the traditional sensors. Therefore, it is an ideal choice available for larger businesses. These sensors will work excellent for detaching the garages or sheds.

So, the feature will help integrate the popular smart home video devices. The working of the security system is as per the choice for long-lasting range.

  • Live views with the smart cameras

Qolsys Monitoring has the feature of adding additional cameras. There is installing smart cameras to enhance the home’s security, and these cameras will provide a live view of the system on mobile phones or tablets. Moreover, the cameras will record the motion videos clip for the setting up of the alarm system for any incident at home.

For example, if you expect the workers at your home between 9 and 10 am, you can set the camera at the front door. These will send the live video clip of the detected motion to avoid unexpected situations. The entire activities of the workers are monitored in the camera till the arrival of the contractor. So, it is the best feature of the monitoring panel.

  • Live answer feature with Qolsys panel

Apart from the recording, the users can also speak to the visitors at the front door. Communicating with strangers is possible on the mobile phone. The doorbell will also record the video to know about the culprit. As a result, additional security and convenience are available, so it is the popular choice for homeowners. This feature is a great security measure available with the monitoring panel.

You can choose the view around the doorbell according to the requirement. It is also compatible with smart locks because it includes video doorbells for touch screen unlock. It is a valuable feature provided to the users of the Qolsys monitoring system.

  • Captures disarm pictures with Qolsys monitoring 

The Qolsys panel has an inbuilt camera for the capturing of the photos. These will record the time, date, and picture of the person who disarmed the security system. So, complete security is provided to the home when you are outside. These will directly send the pictures on the mobile phone or push notifications to alert the homeowner.

The panel is connected to the home services platform with a supportive, interactive system. Thus, the monitoring of the home will become easy wherever you are. However, there is a need to learn about using the modern version of the Qolsys monitoring system.


The alarm customers will expect a convenient and technology-driven security system at home or in business. The panel with the innovative features will deliver the services according to the expectations. If you have any questions related to the services, then you can contact the experts to get the answers. As a result, it will offer a happy experience to the customers with evaluating the security needs. So, you and your loved ones will stay safe and secure with the modern version ofQolsys monitoring panel.

When an intruder is detected, the security system sounds the house alarm to warn the homeowners and discourage the intruder from entering the premises.

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