Reasons Why You Should Never Overlook Air Conditioner Maintenance


Air conditioners make your home comfortable, without any doubt. The demand for AC is unbeatable in summers, and you should book maintenance services for your air conditioner at least twice a year. This would ensure that the unit remains functional throughout the year. Air conditioner maintenance is the key to keeping your aircon at its best.

The lack of air conditioner maintenance can affect the cooling system of your home. A great number of households neglect air conditioner maintenance, and they suffer from frequent repair issues, and the worst part is high electricity bills.

A professional air conditioner maintenance can keep you away from nasty breakdowns. Additionally, you will receive more perks and benefits from aircon maintenance. 

Let’s find out how an air conditioner maintenance routine can benefit you.

Saves Your AC from Frequent Breakdowns

Nobody would ever like a malfunctioning aircon system now and then. According to experts of AC Repair Dubai, if the temperature goes non-uniform all-around your home or you can smell something burning from the air conditioner, it’s an alarming sign. You need to call in professionals to handle your air conditioner repair.

However, you can skip such unwanted AC breakdowns by simply switching to regular air conditioner maintenance. The professional engaged in the maintenance service can foresee if any part of the air conditioner will fail shortly. Thus, the expert can take preventive measures to save your appliance from major breakdowns and accidents.

Extends the Warranty

Most air conditioner manufacturers offer no-question asked warranty for appliances that are kept in top-notch condition. Therefore, aircon maintenance is the perfect deal to keep the warranty safe.

On the other hand, AC maintenance keeps repair issues away. Therefore, you need not take advantage of warranty service to fix the minor issue of the air conditioner’s outdoor unit. After all, there’s a limit on the number of services applicable to your appliance’s warranty. So, you can look for local air conditioner maintenance services.

Keeps Air Fresh around Your Home

Believe it or not, indoor pollution can be suffocative enough to trigger breathing issues. An ill-treated air conditioner can force you to intake dust and dirt. Not to mention, the air ducts and air filters will be full of debris and turn into a breeding ground for microorganisms.

Clogged air filters are a threat to your health. The absence of air conditioner maintenance can make your indoor air infested with deadly bacteria, pollutants, allergens, and much more. Air conditioner maintenance makes sure that your air filters, ducts, and overall appliance remains clean. Breathe in the fresh air with worthy air conditioner maintenance regularly.

Adds More Years to the Appliance’s Life Expectancy

Research has shown that an air conditioner can last up to 10 to 12 years with regular maintenance. Whereas the appliance’s lifespan can reduce to 5 to 7 years if the air conditioner doesn’t receive maintenance. Undoubtedly, aircon systems are one of the most expensive investments any homeowner can make.

Therefore, you would want to make the most out of it. Air conditioner maintenance can make your AC last longer than ever. The professional technician you hire for maintenance will test all the parts. 

Additionally, the specialist will ensure that the appliance and its counterparts are clean and working to their full potential. Therefore, air conditioner maintenance will keep your appliance in good condition for longer.

Restricts Replacement

Several homeowners have reported that they had to discard their air conditioners due to expensive repairs. Additionally, they had to spend a lot on high energy consumption. You can escape such hefty repairs and expensive bills with a simple tweak to aircon maintenance.

Air conditioner maintenance keeps your appliance efficient, and it can perform even under immense pressure. In addition, you don’t have to witness repair issues often. Consequently, you can rely on a single air conditioning unit for years. Thus, it saves you from expensive replacement and repairs.

Lowers Electricity Bill

Another evident benefit of air conditioner maintenance is cost-efficiency. A maintenance service ensures that your air conditioner remains functional. If the appliance doesn’t get regular maintenance, then its parts might get defective. Additionally, dust and dirt can accumulate in the coils.

This will trigger the air conditioner’s condenser motor to work harder than required. It means that the system has to work more, and it will draw more power. As a result, you will notice a sudden surge in the electric utility bill. However, simple aircon maintenance can keep your appliance clean and efficient. Therefore, you can experience a cost-effective electricity bill with regular aircon maintenance.

Eliminates Smelly Air and Health Hazards

Have you ever experienced a foul odour around you when the air conditioner is functioning? Your aircon system can release an obnoxious smell because moulds, bacteria, and other nasty things can accumulate inside the appliance. In addition, you might smell something burning if any mishap occurs inside the unit.

In a nutshell, air conditioner maintenance can save you from such disasters. Every maintenance offers thorough cleaning, checking every part inside the appliance and if there’s a leakage in the air conditioner. Smelly environments, as well as burning possibilities, are not the signs of a healthy home. Secure your family against such threats with professional air conditioner maintenance.

Keeps Your Home & Office Cool

Users often complain about the uneven cooling of the surrounding area even though they have invested in the best air conditioners. Well, it’s not the fault of the air conditioner alone. Uneven cooling is a common thing when your air conditioner suffers from a few malfunctions, and Thermostat problems are one of them. 

Besides this, the air conditioner might have to struggle to keep the temperature optimum due to clogged filters and coils. All these can result in non-uniform cooling. Eliminate such chances and experience uniform cooling with competent air conditioner maintenance.

Reduces Global Warming

Refrigerant leakage is one of the most common issues of an air conditioner. An absence of air conditioner maintenance can trigger a coolant leakage. This releases HFCs and they are man-made greenhouse gases. Eventually, they can contribute to global warming and it won’t be eco-friendly.

The coolant plays an important role in cooling and freshening your indoor air. From time to time, air conditioner maintenance will make sure that your air conditioner doesn’t leak any coolant. Additionally, the technician can repair the leakage and recharge the appliance. This will retain the efficiency of the air conditioner. 

What Does a Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance Include?

Experts suggest that every homeowner should consider aircon maintenance at least twice a year. Professional air conditioner maintenance includes cleaning air filters and evaporator coil. It also includes brushing the coil fins and the evaporator drain. Additionally, the technician will check whether the appliance has leakage or not.

The maintenance regime doesn’t end here, the technician will also put oil on the motors and belts. In addition, the expert will inspect electrical connections, tighten, and clean the connections. Moreover, they will trim the shrubs around the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. They will test if the airflow and thermostat are working fine and accurate before leaving.


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