What are the best free online courses to learn digital marketing?


Digital marketing skills are incredibly crucial not only for job-seekers but also for upcoming entrepreneurs and business leaders. Numerous successful business owners and founders have pointed out the importance of digital marketing. According to them, having a basic knowledge of digital marketing boosted the growth of their business. In today’s era where almost everything has an online presence, going to a college or university or an institution to learn the basic concepts of anything is not essential since you can learn anything online. Hence, it is now possible to access digital marketing courses in Bangalore or Mumbai thanks to online education.  While some are paid courses there are also numerous free online courses that are just as good. We have compiled a list of the best courses online that you can use to learn all the essential concepts of digital marketing:

1. Google online marketing challenge: 

More than a hundred thousand people have participated in this challenge and have shown that they came out with positive results. This online course covers all essential aspects of digital marketing such as search advertising, mobile social analytics, search engine marketing and video marketing. This makes it one of the most holistic courses for beginners and at intermediate-level individuals. One of the key distinguishing factors of this course is that participants get about $250 worth of ad word budget that could be used in three weeks. This allows the users to implement all they have learnt on practical and real-life projects. At the end of the competition, Google even awards the successful learners. So if you are interested in the competitive angle and if it motivates you to learn more, then this course is definitely for you.

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2. Social media quickstarter 

This course is created by Constant Contact and emphasizes the integration of email with social media marketing. This ensures that the benefits of both the channels could be understood to the fullest through a series of lessons. It can build up your foundation for the digital marketing tactics that one needs on the social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, blogging etc. This course is perfect for beginner-level marketers because of the countless how-to guides, glossaries and real-life examples that it offers.

3. Alison’s free diploma in E-business 

Alison is a massive online learning community has a user base of more than 6 million. It offers certified courses without any additional charges and has been developed by Microsoft so it is definitely reliable.  Alison was founded in 2007 and was one of the first massive online open course providers. This free diploma will help you build skills in search engine optimization, campaign tracking, Google Analytics, revenue metrics, digital measurement and a lot more. 

4. Inbound digital marketing course by HubSpot 

HubSpot is one of the leading names in the digital marketing ecosystem, and hence this is a top-rated digital marketing course. Hence the credibility of this course is undeniable. You can access it on the HubSpot academy platform. It has over 4 hours of instructions divided into 30+ lectures. In addition to learning all the essential aspects of an SEO optimized landing page, you will also learn about inbound marketing, conversion, optimization, lead nurturing, and email marketing. Once you complete this free course, you will also receive a badge for your resume that you can add to your LinkedIn profile which will  increase your employability.

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5. Introduction to digital marketing

This digital marketing course is very popular among beginners as it is very short and yet builds a good foundation. In  this course, you will learn about various concepts like affiliate marketing, social media marketing, automated marketing, PR, on page and off page SEO. Additionally it also has quizzes to test your understanding of the subject. Hence this is where you should start your journey into the world of digital marketing.

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