WhatsApp has released face and fingerprint unlock option for desktop users, signal will get collision


The way WhatsApp has taken a backseat to the privacy policy after the signal entered the market, people using WhatsApp have received a sigh of relief. At the same time, it is also going to offer a good offer to its users who switch towards the signal.

Actually, WhatsApp has announced additional security features for the web and desktop. Regarding this, the company says that new additional security settings have been given to users on the desktop. WhatsApp users will get this set when they link their account to a computer.

The company has said that WhatsApp users will have to verify their account before opening their account on desktop or on the web and this new feature is going to start getting WhatsApp users around the world soon.

For this, when WhatsApp users open their WhatsApp account on the desktop or on the web, then they will be given the option to use their face or fingerprint unlock for verification. While iPhone users will verify their account through Face ID.

The company has said that this security verification will be available to users when they try to connect WhatsApp account to their mobile phone. This notification will come when WhatsApp users try to connect their account to a laptop or PC. Apart from this, it will be visible even if someone scans the QR code from the process phone.

The company has said that the benefit of this additional security is that with this new feature, no one will be able to connect your phone to your laptop or system and if this happens then it will be stuck in the beginning. That means the account will be completely safe.

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