WhatsApp reached a court against the Indian government! Said- Privacy will end with new rules


WhatsApp: The new media is not taking the name of the dispute over the rules. According to a Reuters report, Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp (WhatsApp) has now reached a court against the new media rules of the Indian government, demanding that the rules be implemented on Wednesday. Under the new rules, WhatsApp and such companies will have to keep track of the origin of the message sent to their messaging app, ie from where the message was sent first. Sources have been quoted saying that the company has filed an application in the Delhi High Court on May 25 against this rule.

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However, according to Reuters, it could not independently confirm that WhatsApp has filed a complaint in the court, which has about 400 million users in India. Sources giving information about this case have refused to reveal the identity in view of the sensitivity of the case. At the same time, a WhatsApp spokesperson has also refused to comment on this.

What did the government say?

On 25 February 2021, the central government had directed to appoint Compliance Officer, Nodal Officer, etc. on behalf of the Ministry of Electronics and IT of India to regulate digital content within 3 months. It is important that all these areas should be in India. Under the order given by the government, companies have to appoint a Compliance Officer and it is mandatory for them to have their name and contact address in India.

Violation of the right to privacy

According to a Reuters report, it has been said from WhatsApp that asking the messaging app to keep a trace of chat in this way would be like keeping an eye on all the messages sent on WhatsApp. This will eliminate end-to-end encryption and violate people’s ‘right to privacy. The company has said that in the meantime we will continue to negotiate with the Government of India to keep people safe, including the response to the legally demanded legal information for any information.

According to the law, WhatsApp is required to expose only those who have been accused of wrongdoing, the company says that it cannot do so in practice alone. Since the messages are encrypted end-to-end. In such a situation, WhatsApp says that following the law, encryption will be broken for the receiver as well as the originator of the message.

Tracing a chat is like asking for fingerprint information

In a statement issued by WhatsApp, it has been said that the new guidelines of the government have been said to trace the chat. This is similar to the way that information about our users’ fingerprints is being sought. This will break end-to-end encryption and fundamentally weaken people’s right to privacy. On behalf of WhatsApp, it has been said that we are with the civil society on this matter, which talks about the privacy of the people who use WhatsApp all over the world.

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