Which PC Case Fits You?


In a pc case or a computer case, a CPU cabinet is an essential accessory within which you can store all your precious PC components and peripherals. From your high-end motherboard, top-notch graphic card, expensive hard drive, bulky power supply, cooling fans, and many more. In short, PC cases are the home of all your dreams.

But Why is a PC Case Important?

When it comes to improving the performance of a computer, PC casings are not a necessary component. However, a PC case is a very important component for storing and protecting all the accessories and peripherals of a PC. Moreover, PC cases also play a significant role in proper airflow to keep the system cool.

PC cases are also important because they are not just a black box case; for some, they are the style statement, and for others, it is the centrepiece of their desk. The right PC case can offer much more. Like spacious innards, extensive liquid cooling support, see-through tempered glass panels with RGB lighting, cool temperature, and muffled sound.

There are many best and cheap PC case options in the UK market. With different designs and sizes and with a large variety of feature sets. So, there are many factors which we need to consider before buying the best pc cases in the UK which can fulfil your need and requirements.

So, in this article, I will be explaining all types of pc cases and points to consider before buying PC cases to build your PC.

How to choose the Best PC Case?

PC cases Sizes

The first and foremost thing is the size when choosing a PC case. If you are a gamer and want to build a PC, then a big PC will be the best for you. Or if you want a PC for your office purpose, then a medium or a small PC will work. However, below are the 4 common sizes and their standard dimensions.

  1. Full Tower (Large case)

Full-tower cases are the best for gaming purposes as they have the most prominent space available. It can store many hard drives (6-10), any motherboard can be fit into it from ATX to a mini ATX, and have multiple fans to keep the system cool. However, these cases are expensive and consume a lot of space. The dimensions can vary from brand to brand, but the standard dimensions are 22-24 inches long (24x12x20 – HxWxD) approx.

  1. Mid Tower (Medium case)

Mid-tower cases are the best PC case option. Their size varies from 16-18 inches long (18x8x18 – HxWxD) approx. They have limited hard disk space, and a less varied range of motherboards can fit into it. They are the best PC cases for those who want to use pc for their regular day-to-day activities. Moreover, this is also a good option for gamers who have just started playing or play moderate specification-based games. They are the most sellable cases and are cheap & affordable pc cases. The other advantage of this type is that they don’t cover much space like full-tower cases.

  1. Mini Tower (Small case)

Mini-tower cases are very basic and do not require any modifications. They are best for those who mostly prefer to work on the internet or use pc as a media centre. This size varies from 13-15 inches long (15x7x15 – HxWxD) approx.

  1. Micro Tower (Smallest case)

These towers are tiny and can be taken to anywhere, and they take very minimal space for their setup. In this, only a Mini ITX motherboard or smaller can be installed. This type of PC can only be used for text editing, media streaming, internet browsing, etc. It can not be modified or customised. The size of these pc cases varies from 9-10 inches long (10x10x14 – HxWxD) Approx.

Other Points to Consider Before Choosing the Best PC cases

The Other points to consider before choosing the best PC cases in the UK are:

  1. Cooling Type

In all PC cases, moving air around is not the same. It all depends on the size of the case, the number of fans, and whether or not there are strategically placed vents. Your PC case must have at least two cooling fans, one fan to intake the fresh air into the case and the second one to exhaust the heat out.

  1. Cable Management

One of the most irritating aspects of any PC case is its cable management. If you don’t plan where you want the cable to run then they can be inconvenient, annoying, and unsightly. Therefore, look for PC cases which have cable management features.

  1. The Front Panel

There is a lot of variation when it comes to the front panel of PC cases. A headphone jack, possibly a mic jack, USB ports, and other types of communication are all typical. So look for PC cases which have these options on their front panel.

  1. Drive Bays

Drives are the most crucial part of any PC case as nearly all PC cases include drive bays. However, choose the PC case that fulfils your drive’s requirement (Quantity wise). Moreover, don’t forget about a PC case with 2.5-inch SSD attach points.

  1. Clearance and Length

Despite the fact that PC building is mostly about “plug-and-play” universal compatibility, there are situations when particular components will not work in a given environment. The reason for this is the clearance height of higher-end components.


In today’s world, there are hundreds of PC case alternatives to pick from. As a result, picking the best computer case from the rest can be difficult. Therefore, to choose the right PC case, one must think and plan how much they want to spend. And second, look for the components the pc case offers (which you can find from the points mentioned above), and third is your personal preference


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