YouTube gets Video Transcripts and Auto-translated Captions in the Latest Update


Google added the auto-translated video captions for YouTube on mobile devices. The company revealed that this feature currently supports 16 languages. Developers might include more languages on YouTube in the coming years. Additionally, YouTube video transcripts are also available to all Android and iOS users. This feature will be helpful for those with impaired hearing. 

Google unveils these new YouTube features during the I/O 2022 keynote. It aimed at increasing the number of auto-translated videos from 8 million to 80 million in 2022. The developers are planning to add more features to make videos easier to navigate. 

The company removed community captions 2020 from YouTube because only some users access this feature, and many have reported it as “spam”. However, many viewers faced difficulties understanding the video without subtitles. This is why Google introduced an auto-translate feature in the new YouTube update. 

What is YouTube Video Transcript & How Does it Work?

A YouTube video transcript is a written record of the text spoken in the video. You can view his transcript on YouTube and copy and paste it into documents. Video transcripts will be extremely helpful if you are doing research. 

Instead of finding a quote, browse the transcript and share that with the project. However, contact Mobile Repair Dubai if you can’t find this feature on the YouTube app.

Are you wondering how YouTube transcribes these transcripts? YouTube translates them automatically using the caption file when a creator adds captions. Otherwise, YouTube’s built-in software creates transcripts from the auto-generated captions. Thus, enhance the video streaming experience using this new YouTube feature. 

How to find YouTube’s Video Transcription Feature on a PC?

Finding the transcription option for a YouTube video is pretty easy. However, you might not get transcripts in all the published or shared videos. Only the videos with closed captioning allow you to see the transcript. 

Moreover, many YouTube videos have automatic transcripts, but those might not be accurate. So, if you are a video creator, add high-quality transcripts to engage more viewers.

The transcript’s quality depends on the video’s audio clarity, accents and dialects. Thus, ensure there is no background noise when you are creating a video. Pronounce the words clearly that you want to say in the YouTube video. This will help the viewers to understand what the video is about. Besides, YouTube can transcript a high-quality video easily on a PC. 

Here’s how to find the transcription feature in videos with closed captions:

  • Open a web browser, go to the address bar and write “YouTube”. 
  • Press the “Enter” button and choose “YouTube” from the searched results.
  • Enter the login credentials when the new web page opens on the computer screen.
  • Tap on “Next” and play the video for which you need a transcript.
  • Head to the video title and click on the three horizontal dots.
  • Select “Show Transcript” when the pop-up menu appears.

YouTube’s video transcript language is set as “English’ by default. If you want to change it, go to the video’s “Settings”. Double-tap on “Subtitles” and choose the preferred language. Close the YouTube page and re-access it after a few seconds. 

Open a video, and choose “Open transcription”. Then, check if it’s transcribed to the selected language. If not, then YouTube doesn’t support the language you have chosen. 

How to Download the YouTube Videos’ Transcript?

Did you check a recipe on YouTube and want to download the transcript for reference? Though there isn’t a “Download” option, you can still download the transcript. Open the YouTube app on mobile devices and enable the transcription feature. 

Additionally, you need to select “Toggle timestamps”. A new page will appear with the video transcript. However, the time frame won’t be included in the transcript. Do you want to download the video’s transcript on a Windows PC? Then, press the Control and A keys together to select all the texts. Alternatively, you can right-click on the transcript to copy it.

Now, open “Notes” or “Word” and hold the Control and C keys together to paste the text. Tap on “Save” to read the video transcripts later. However, many failed to download the video transcripts on YouTube. Usually, it occurs due to connectivity issues. Check the Wi-Fi connection if you are facing problems with enabling this feature. You should update the YouTube app to fix this glitch.

How to get the YouTube Video Transcription on Phones?

Phones don’t have the same option to transcribe YouTube videos as computers. Therefore, you can’t find this option when you open the video. Instead, users need to enable the “CC” or “Captions” option to check the transcription. This feature lets you see the words and helps you understand what the video is about. 

Moreover, you can choose from different language options when using this feature. Closed captioning is usually more accurate and is less prone to errors. If you want to turn on this feature, install the latest YouTube app version on phones. Open it and write the video name in the search bar. 

Tap on the search icon and when the video appears, select the three dots. Click “Captions” and disable the “English (auto-generated)” option. Then, select the desired language from the list and tap anywhere on the screen. You can now play the video with transcription on the YouTube app. 

What is YouTube’s Auto-translated Caption & How does it Work?

YouTube rolled out an update to its caption feature in May 2022. It allows you to automatically translate the video captions. This means you are no longer restricted to watching content produced in English. You can now change the language using this advanced feature. However, the auto-translated feature can only be enabled on videos with closed captions.

Google added this feature on YouTube so that viewers can understand the content. It brings more flexibility to the users and helps them learn a new language. The company was about to release this feature last year. But, they find compatibility issues during its beta test. This is the primary reason why Google delayed the launch of this feature.

Want to know how the auto-translated captions works? YouTube generates video captions using speech recognition technology. It uses machine learning algorithms to provide accurate results. However, automatic captions might sometimes misinterpret the content due to mispronunciations. Besides, you might not get the right captions if the videos have background noise. Review and edit the content so the viewers can get the right captions. 

How to Enable YouTube’s Auto-Translate Captions on Phones and PC?

It is easy to turn on this updated caption feature on YouTube videos. Open the YouTube app or the site and play any video. Click “Subtitles” or “CC” and choose the required language. It will automatically disable the default video lounge (English). Now, head to “Settings” and opt for “Captions” to toggle on auto-translate subtitles. 

Moreover, automatic captions were available only in English, Japanese and Korean. However, YouTube can now generate captions in Italian, Portuguese and 11 other languages. So, update the app, and enable this feature to get automatic captions on the videos. 

Can’t enable Auto-Translate and Video Transcript feature? Here’s How to

YouTube can’t generate automatic captions or transcripts if the video is too long. Poor sound quality is another reason behind this issue. Thus, always create videos by maintaining the audio and video quality. If there are multiple speakers in the video, YouTube can’t recognise the speech. 

Is there a long period of silence at the beginning of the video? This is the reason YouTube is now showing captions or transcripts. So, keep these details in mind when you create videos next time.


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