Things Only a Content Marketing Company Will Tell You


You’ve generated some stellar content ideas and curated actionable content around them. But is your content reaching your target audience through all the noise and clutter on the web? 

If not, there are a few secrets you need to know. And there isn’t anyone better than a content marketing company to educate you about effective and innovative content marketing strategies!

Take a look. 

Content Calendar = Content Buddy

Almost every writer has experienced that sinking feeling of a deadline approaching with no idea of how to fill the content gap. 

You may have heard time and again that consistency in content marketing is paramount. But how do you stay consistent without a consistent flow of content? This is where a content calendar is your best buddy!

The visible display of topics against their work status makes it easier for everyone on the team to keep track. Making a content calendar allows you to schedule posts in advance, stay on track, and post content regularly. 

Publish Evergreen Content

While current topics are popular for a specific period, evergreen content stays relevant over time and is less likely to become outdated. 

Since evergreen content is not time-sensitive, it remains valuable for a longer period. Look at a few ways to make your content evergreen. 

  • Provide answers to frequently asked questions  
  • Add industry knowledge, explanations, and advice  
  • Explain common concepts to readers  

Incorporate Emotion-Based Keywords in Headlines

When you read a bland headline, you may not want to read ahead. For instance – Ways to Stop Hair Fall. 

However, writing headlines that tap into readers’ emotions will help them relate and want them to read more. So, if you write something like – Tested Ways to Help You Get Rid of Hair fall Woes, it is more likely to create an impact and catch the reader’s attention. 

But you need to understand the meaning of emotional terms. Here are a few emotional terms. 

  • Informative  
  • Attractive  
  • Proven  
  • Tested 
  • Promising  
  • Genuine  
  • Innovative  

Such terms help the audience connect with what you have written and create a positive impact. Also, avoid using clickbait headlines. 

Prioritize Your Audience

While writing any piece of content, remember that you are writing for an audience. So instead of blatantly promoting yourself and your brand, consider what will be most valuable for your audience. 

Most content marketing companies suggest avoiding rambling about yourself and providing valuable information to the users. You must put the reader’s needs at the center of the content, or they will leave. 

Spend Time Promoting Your Content

Now that you have crafted readable, crisp, and catchy content, it is time to spend a good amount of time promoting it. 

Select the best social media channels to market your content. Share newsletters and try email marketing to provide valuable content to the users. 

Repurpose Your Content

No matter how creative you are, experiencing writer’s block is common. Maybe you are overburdened, or it’s just one of those days. 

But don’t worry if you cannot come up with fresh ideas constantly. You can use existing content, which is known as repurposing. Reusing all or a few parts of already existing content will help you save time. Here are a few easy ways to repurpose your content. 

  • Make an infographic of the content  
  • Convert valuable content into emails  
  • Tweet the statistics from your content  
  • Build a case study from the collected data  
  • Use blog content for podcasts 

Bottom Line

Content marketing may seem easy, but there is a lot of competition out there. To have an edge over the rest, you must incorporate the above-mentioned strategies. 

And if it seems like a task, you can always connect with a content marketing company that will help you create better content and boost online traffic. AdLift is one such content marketing company with a team of experienced and dedicated writers. Build and execute a cohesive content strategy, and your hard work will pay off with a higher rank and increased revenue. 

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