Why Should You Outsource eLearning Content Development In The New Normal?


Today, the business dynamics are undergoing a tectonic shift. Business organizations have slowly been realizing the importance of partnership and collaboration to survive in the competitive market. This has become more obvious after the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the pandemic, many businesses switched to online training to sustain their businesses. It offered them immense benefits like reduced onboarding paperwork and training costs. Many of them developed their eLearning content, while some even outsourced it to other vendors as they found it difficult to withstand the new normal. 

Now since the COVID-19 curbs are slowly decreasing, some organizations are embracing a hybrid training model which includes training both on-site employees as well as remote employees. 

This is again a new challenge for businesses to manage the business work as well as training of employees simultaneously. With the changing scenarios and needs, businesses need to adapt themselves to these changes to ensure they are not left behind.

Recently, the outsourcing of eLearning content development is gaining momentum as businesses are looking for alternative ways to decrease their workload so that they can focus more on core business operations.

Below we discuss the advantages of outsourcing eLearning content development in the new normal in detail. Let’s look at it one by one.

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Saves costs

Outsourcing eLearning content development helps you cut down your costs in the following ways-

  • It saves the cost of hiring employees both full-time and seasonally. Also, you don’t have to pay for them for other job-related benefits. 
  • You only pay for the work you have demanded.
  • You don’t have to train the in-house content creators. 

The outsource content specialists are already trained in content creation hence, they will always deliver good content to you. Also, you have the liberty to pick up the outsource specialist who can provide you with eLearning content at reasonable and affordable prices.

Faster delivery of eLearning content

Most outsourcing partners have a quick turnaround time. By this, we mean that they complete their projects on time. The outsourcing partners always try to deliver content within the stipulated time because they can’t afford to lose their customers. 

On the other hand, the in-house subject matter experts might take a longer time to build eLearning content because they shoulder other responsibilities as well. By relieving them from creating eLearning content, they will better be able to focus on other critical elements of training and development.

Expertise and experience

The outsource content experts possess expertise and experience in eLearning content creation. Hiring someone who has some experience in creating content can bring expertise and value to your business. Also, you can choose whichever partner you want based on their past work experience and deliveries. 

Depending only on the in-house subject matter experts might be a little risky. However, outsourcing partners can help mitigate risks by making the best use of their knowledge and skills.

Reduce frequent burn out

Sometimes managing work and creating eLearning content that is in tandem with market trends can burn you out. After all, creating, designing, structuring, organizing, and managing eLearning content isn’t an easy job. 

However, when eLearning content creation is outsourced to a third party, it relieves employees from monotonous work. This positively impacts their productivity and performance and hence, will be more exciting to work.

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Diverse and creative content

Outsourcing content creation provides room for creativity and experimentation. It gives freedom to outsource experts to play with different types of content. 

They will use diverse formats to create engaging eLearning content, for example, videos, animations, infographics, images, micro-content, etc. This can help you gain a competitive advantage in the eLearning market. 

When the eLearning content exhibits diversity and creativity, online learners and employees will be more excited and interested to access the content. With the help of your outsourcing partner, you can also get localized content that ensures meeting the training needs of all.


Organizations that neglect outsourcing will witness challenges in the form of increased costs and time and decreased quality of content.

However, by outsourcing eLearning content development to a third party, you can always ensure that your organization is exposed to the latest and trending L&D techniques, ideas, and processes. Most importantly, outsourcing keeps your work cycle moving without breaks and pauses.


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