Career in Writing: How to Start It Online?


There are plenty of students that have a way with words and enjoy the art of writing. They can produce good quality content all the time and can land themselves a job working for reliable paper writing companies e.g. CustomWritings and producing custom papers for some of their peers. Any student that wants a career in writing can start off being a freelance writer. 

This way they will be able to set their schedule while adding classes to get their degree. It is a lovely little side hustle that can net a student some good income which they can use to pay bills, buy food and enjoy themself while on campus. The question now is how do students begin a career as a writer?

How to start an online writing career

For a student to get started with a writing career, it is logical that they pick a topic that they are comfortable with; however, even if they haven’t studied a specific topic, there is plenty of information available online for them to produce a top-quality paper. If a student has a passion for writing, they will go a long way in having a successful career as a writer, even if it is as a freelancer or working for academic writing services.

They need to pick a niche 

Online writing services say for anyone who wants a career in writing, picking a niche should always be the first major step they take. When a niche is selected that a student is passionate about, they will be able to produce their best work and most importantly, not spend hours conducting research. 

The quality of the work will shine through as long as one is enthusiastic about the work. There are plenty of niches that a student can choose from which include finance, management, marketing, leadership, health, travel, fitness, and more.

They need to build a website 

When a writer has an online presence, they will be able to reach people from all corners of the globe. Building an eye-catching website is a talent that not many people have and if someone needs to be hired to come up with a good one, it has to be done.

On their website, a writer can get feedback on their content, share their latest pieces or portfolio, and also give readers as well as potential clients updates on services and what to expect in the future. Students who do not have the funds to pay a professional to build a website for them can set one up on their own using Wix, which is a free medium.

Using this platform, a writer can come up with a website that is functional and able to display the best version of a person to future clients. A website that is poorly designed will put people off because they will think the quality of the piece they will get will be of low quality too. A beautifully designed website means quality services and quality content.

They need to produce some high-quality samples 

A writer’s website is not complete without a handful of samples to showcase their skills to prospective clients. A student needs to take their time and produce amazing content that will make people want to hire them for future projects. 

When samples are displayed, it lets potential clients know that the writer has nothing to hide and is very transparent with their previous work. This lets clients judge for themselves and make an informed decision on whether to hire a writer or not. This is the power that having samples on a website have on clients.

If in doubt about the quality of their work, a student can hire an essay service to help, or ask family members or their peers to critique their work. The most important thing here is not to take criticism personally but look at it as a way to improve and make it better. The constructive feedback should be looked at as a way to polish up their writing skills because giving clients bad content can earn them a bad reputation and put a spanner on the wheels of their writing career.

They need to pitch themselves 

When the portfolio is up on the created website, professional writing services then say it is time for a student to put themselves out there. They can find online platforms that will allow them to post their work so that it is seen by potential clients. There are so many free websites where students can promote themselves or pitch their work; however, to get clients quicker, they might need to use paid websites. 

Popular websites where a student can pitch their work include, Upwork, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour. On top of advertising their work, students can also find jobs on these sites and build up a client base. A student can also keep all their social media pages like LinkedIn up to date so that clients that want to get in touch can reach them easily.

They can check job boards 

Apart from the internet, students can also check job boards that cater to those who are freelance writers. Through these boards, they can get in touch with other writers as well as communities to share ideas, information, and even connections. This is undoubtedly one of the best places to start for any aspiring writer who wants to earn some income doing something they love.

Gather reviews 

When a student starts to have an online presence and make a name for themselves, they can promote their work even further by collecting reviews or testimonials from people they previously did work for. 

They can ask their clients to say a few words about their experience dealing with them, either by a social media post or email. Words from clients can then be published in the public domain for new clients to see exactly what they will be getting when they hire a student or a paper writing service.

Final thoughts

Forging a career as an online writer is something that many students are doing to make extra money while they study. If they decide that this is their passion and something they want to do full time to make money, they can work for paper writing services. The best thing about having an online writing career as a student is they can make their schedule and work remotely. Not many jobs out there offer this level of freedom, and any student looking to get started should follow all the tips above in this article.


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