How Age Verification Solutions Safeguard Minors from Online Harms?


Minors play a crucial role in a nation’s progress. Without a doubt, the content they consume tells a lot about their well-being and personality in general. Today with the proliferation of technology, minors have easy access to online services. In the digital space, there are many service providers that offer products that are not suitable particularly for the younger audience. These businesses offering age-exclusive content have some responsibilities that include minor protections as well as compliance requirements from global requirements. 

Age verification solutions purpose-built to verify the age of online users can help age-restricted businesses to carry out their operations without having to worry about non-compliance costs and their market reputation being compromised. 

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The True Meaning of Age Verification

Age verification is a procedure through which online users (customer or end-users) are verified if they are above the legal age limit or not. This is important to identify the type of services that age-exclusive merchants can offer to their potential clients. Based on robust minor protection protocols, age verification takes into account authentic user documents such as government-issued IDs or passports to extract the right age of the user. Once the personally identifiable information is acquired, the age verification solution verifies the customer’s identity using a facial recognition process. 

Age-related Checks – Why Important?

Without a doubt, children accessing the internet should take place under adult supervision so that they do not end up harming themselves. A smartphone is one thing that everyone carries these days and minors and teenagers are no exception. This means that they can order online products and services without the slightest hesitation anytime they want. To address this problem, online platforms, especially those operating in high-risk industries should incorporate proper age verification solutions so that minors are not able to consume products that are not good for their well-being.  

The fact that children are not able enough to decide by themselves whether an online item they order is harmful or beneficial to them makes supervision and parental control necessary. Since these may not always work in certain cases, age checks are inevitable to restrict the sale of these products and services to minors. Apart from that, ethical and social values, as well as compliance obligations from global regulators, make merchants of age-exclusive services perform business operations that come with age verification solutions. 

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How does Age Verification Help?

Digital age verification comes with a number of advantages that are listed below:

  • Age verification solutions allow age-restricted businesses to sell services in accordance with age-related regulations
  • It helps reduce the overall risk of children being exposed to content/products/services inappropriate for their age group
  • Businesses compliant with age verification laws are known in the market as a responsible and certified entity that helps them build stronger corporate ties as well as retain and acquire customers better

Why Manual Age Verification Falls Short?

Manual age checks are a thing of the past. Today’s highly competitive market demands online platforms and enterprises to practice standards that make sure an online user is age verified. The amount of reliability and convenience digital solutions provide makes them increasingly popular and that is why automated age verification solutions are trending in the market. 

According to the FDA, that is the Food and Drug Administration in the US, the minimum age to consume alcohol must not be less than 18. Businesses or online platforms allowing underage sale and purchase of such items can face serious consequences in terms of both lost market repute and non-compliance penalties. 

How Does Digital Age Verification Help?

These days, due to the fact that minors can easily indulge in the consumption of drugs, alcohol. Tobacco and violent gaming sensations, age verification regulations are a need of the hour. Minor protection has become more significant than ever given the amount of risk age-restricted products and services pose to children below the legal age. In this regard, digital age verification solutions address the problem by allowing these age-restricted service providers to stay compliant by limiting minor consumption. The solution automates the process of verifying the age of an online user and protects children from the harms of consuming age-exclusive products.

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