Is Electrician a Growing or Dying Trade?


The modern world would struggle to run without electricity. It’s in our hands, our homes, and even our heads. We are only able to use electricity safely with the help of electricians. These technicians go through electrician training to ensure they operate safely, but could the country be facing an electrician shortage?

If numbers are anything to go by, America will face a shortage of electricians in the foreseeable future. Although about 7,000 electricians join the field each year, around 10,000 retire yearly. Could it be that electrician training is so demanding? Or is the industry not paying well enough?

How Do You Become an Electrician?

Since the world depends heavily on electricity, electricians will always be in demand. Notably, electrician school calls for dedication and hard work. 

It’s a trade where apprenticeship plays a significant role. If you ask most people, an electrician apprenticeship is easier than a 4-year college degree. Learning through apprenticeship would be an excellent way to avoid accumulating debt in the name of student loans. 

In most cases, electrician training involves a four- or five-year program. They might be required to pass a test to get a license. And in some states, one might be required to take continuing education courses to maintain their license. 

Following the acute shortage of electricians, joining the field is even easier. Multiple companies and trade organizations have created attractive incentives to bridge the gap. For instance, the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) offers five-year apprenticeships that guarantee jobs upon completion. 

Electricians can still find jobs easily through labor recruitment agencies even without a job guarantee from their training institutions. 

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Why Electrician Training Is a Good Career Choice

Becoming an electrician is a good career choice since the growth estimations for this field are impressive. Besides, as technology advances, it will be easier for electricians to do their jobs. 

As with any other trade job, an electrician is highly trained. That translates to higher job security for electricians compared to other professions. 

Another advantage is that there are several roles to choose from. For instance, one can choose to become a residential electrician. Or they could decide to become a construction electrician and work on building sites. 

With such variety, you wouldn’t worry about being out of the job soon. And although the job can be challenging, it is fascinating. No two days are the same. You could be testing electronics one day and examining the home’s blueprints the next. 

Another appeal of being an electrician is that one is not tied to a desk in the office. The job requires a lot of moving around and solving unique challenges. Thus, it would be a good choice for someone who dreads the confines of an office. 

Is Self-Employment an Option?

As mentioned earlier, several incentives make it easier for people in the electrician trade to land employment. But self-employment is an option, too. One can choose to own a business. 

That can be a challenge at first, but being able to choose your working hours makes it worth a shot. 

The Strain on the Body

Being an electrician can be hard on one’s body. That could be one of the reasons why many people don’t choose the trade. It calls for both mental and physical resilience. 

Electricians can be exposed to extreme weather when they are working outside. They might also be forced to work for irregular hours – such as when dealing with power cuts. There is also the risk of injury. 

But, safety is a huge priority in the job. Several guidelines are in place to ensure that electricians are safe while working. 

It’s essential to be aware of these responsibilities and risks before choosing this career path. 

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The Bottom Line

We can confidently say that electrician is a growing trade. Although it went through a significant recession some time back, it’s here to stay. And as technology evolves, the trade will also follow suit. Compensation will also be more lucrative, given the high demand. 

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