What Makes Fast Internet?


Buffering and drop-offs on one’s internet connection can be frustrating, sometimes even causing people to feel enraged. Slow internet issues often result from a range of issues and not just poor cable and internet providers, as many people would assume. 

Over recent years, internet technology has improved, meaning there are more internet service providers (ISPs) offering high-speed connections. One should first ensure the slow connection does not result from a problem on their end before contacting the provider or considering an upgrade.

Most people often ask, “What makes fast internet?” There are many factors influencing the speed of one’s internet connection. Speeding up an internet connection requires one to follow instructions keenly.

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How To Make Internet Faster

Below are some ways that one can speed up their internet connection.

Reposition the Router

The position that a router occupies within the home affects its network reach within different areas of the house. The further one is from the router, the weaker the signal. Bring the router closer to enjoy better internet speeds.

Many people place routers in areas where they are obstructed, affecting their network reception. If the router cannot access an excellent internet signal from transmitters in the area, it results in slow connectivity. 

The best solution would be to eliminate any obstructions for clear reception. The obstacles might also interfere with the WiFi signal, affecting the coverage.

Consider Ethernet Use

Internet service providers allow one to choose between using a WiFi connection or using ethernet. Most routers have ethernet ports to facilitate wired use. The good news is most devices that use the internet also allow ethernet connectivity.

Ethernet or wired connection to the internet can be more reliable than wireless options. Instead of relying on over-the-air transmission, one’s device can access internet signals directly, making them faster.

With ethernet, one experiences better speeds, but at the expense of sacrificing convenience – a reasonable tradeoff. One enjoys better internet security and functionality, even when dealing with data-heavy operations.

Think of the Internet Data Cap

Data caps are among the biggest reasons for slow internet speeds. Even with unlimited internet packages, extensive data use can reduce the effectiveness of the internet.

ISPs place the data cap at a certain level each month – an amount that they do not always advertise. The plan is to compel one to buy higher internet packages, synonymous with their usage. Exceeding such limits might cause the internet to become significantly slower. 

The solution might be to upgrade to a higher plan if one exceeds the data cap months on end, to enjoy better speed internet.

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Reset the Router

Continued use of any hardware affects its efficiency, and the router is no exception. Resetting the router often helps refresh the connectivity resulting in better speeds.

To stimulate the connection, one should consider turning the router off and back on every two weeks. The process should take a few minutes, so one should not worry about interruptions. Router reset is also a super-easy fix that will save the end-user some dollars.

Create a Password

Some cable and internet providers leave the internet password free to allow the owner to customize restrictions. Some homeowners get excited to have the connection at home and forget to set up security. 

An open and unsecured WiFi network might attract other users who leech on the connection. More users often cause slower internet, and the problem worsens if the leeches download huge files.

Creating a password is critical to prevent unauthorized access to the internet. One gets to experience better internet speeds and a safer connection. The process of password protecting a wireless router is also easy – all instructions are at the back of the router or in its manual.

Upgrade the Router 

Old and outdated routers often do not support upgrades in internet speeds. One might have perfect internet speeds, but the hardware they use for connectivity is an impediment. The best solution would be to switch out the old hardware with newer, more advanced routers.

Better routers almost always translate into faster internet. One can enjoy the different channels they offer and an improved connectivity radius. 

There are many router options in the market currently, but not all of them are the perfect fit for one’s home. Check the router’s model and ISP’s connectivity specifications to ensure they are compatible for the best results.

Contact Cable and Internet Providers

The internet speed problem might be a larger problem than one initially figured, so handling it might be trickier. If the problem persists, contacting the cable and internet providers can help one solve the problem. The experts can help diagnose the problem for an accurate fix.

Contacting the internet service provider will also be critical if one plans to upgrade from the current package. Negotiating with the ISP can sometimes get one a free or discount on the upgrade – saving the user some money.

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