Is there any scope and career after doing a fashion communication course?


Fashion Communication, a mouthpiece for the fashion industry, is the newly emerging specialized domain that is most exciting as it delves into creating and facilitating communication- verbal, written, visual or audiovisual for the fashion & lifestyle industry.  

On applying for fashion communication colleges in India, be assured of opening up doors to immense new-age career options ranging from visual merchandise management, graphic designing, public relations, fashion forecasting and fashion journalism to styling, marketing, brand management, Digital Communication & Fashion Photography.

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  • Visual Merchandising: Eye-catching in-store displays and decorations that engage and attract the consumers encompass Visual Merchandising.  While planning displays, he also needs to ensure that the design sensibilities are in sync with company’s overall vision. 
  • Graphic Designer: With an understanding of balance in colors, hues, shades, and patterns, a graphic designer can help bring alive the design concepts thus are catalyst in attracting investors and formulating strategies to maximize product reach to consumers. 
  • Fashion Journalism: Generating content that influences consumer interest about the particular brand or a product is a forte of a true blue journalist. His role becomes all the more critical in crisis situations when through his writing he can help company overcome poor reviews. Also, during a new product launch, he has the power to influence people and create an interest about the same.
  • Fashion Forecasting: They are indispensable to the fashion industry given they predict fashion trends basis the consumer buying behavior, fashion designers, seasons etc. Basis these forecasts only, the companies formulate the product, marketing and pricing strategies. Thus they are an important cog in the wheel when it comes to ensuring success and profitability of the company. 
  • Fashion Photographer: Fashion Photography is more than just clicking pictures. It’s about composition, communicating a story, creating a mood and conversing with the target audience about designer’s vision, highlighting a product or colour or an innovative design or a trend. With growing competition and shrinking of world, a photographer’s role has become all the more critical as a well composed picture can swing customer/investor’s decision in its favor.
  • Fashion Stylist: An emerging career option, Fashion styling, involves creating a look (styling) for an individual basis a particular theme, event, personality and the ongoing fashion trends etc. Demand for such talent comes from celebrities, media, film, television, print and online industry since the students are equipped with the knowledge of body types, personalities, fashion trends, makeup etc. to achieve the perfect image makeover.
  • Marketing & Brand Management: This can be dubbed as communication experts, for they are involved with creating brands, their unique positioning in consumer’s mind, creating go to marketing strategy basis the consumer research, overseeing advertising communication, understanding the consumer feedback, facilitating the understanding of the future fashion trends. They are the ears as well as the mouth piece for the companies.  This can be further divided basis specialization:
    • Digital Marketing Communication 
    • Events Marketing
    • Sales
    • Public Relation

Thus one needs to just apply for fashion communication colleges in India and with a gamut of opportunities available start an exhilarating and rewarding journey into the fashion world. 

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