What are the top 5 best paying jobs in technology in 2022?


If there is one sector that has displayed constant growth every year, it is the Information Technology (IT) industry. The advancement in the field is such that what was once an in-demand job has been pushed to the sidelines with new prospects taking its place. 

With data science, cloud computing, IoT, artificial intelligence and so on coming into the IT sector, the potential for growth and development has increased further. Developing IT skills and gaining knowledge of data science and related tech aspects are the first steps to landing a high-paying job and studying MSc in Information Technology Management can help you learn these essential skills.

You might be confused about the best career to choose after completing your studies. Well, let’s make it easier by listing out some high-paying jobs in IT in 2022.

  1. Cloud Architect

A career as a cloud architect fetches you a lucrative annual salary of €80,000 to €1,28,000. The career prospects and growth for cloud architects are quite high in European countries like Germany, the UK etc. 

A cloud architect analyses and optimises the several cloud networks of an organization. You should constantly check for any improvements and create cloud strategies that suit the needs of the company. This is also one of the most secure jobs in the IT industry.

  1. AI Engineer

An AI engineer gets an average annual salary of about €84,574. As the future scope of artificial intelligence is high, becoming an AI engineer will help you grow professionally.

As an AI engineer, you should develop and design AI models using programs and machine learning to gain various business insights. You must help with the futuristic developmental operations of an organization.

  1. Application Architect

An application architect earns an average annual salary of €66,866 to €78,611. You can earn more with enough experience in the field.

As an application architect, you must develop and design applications for businesses and organizations. The architecture of an application including the user interface and other infrastructure is developed by them.

  1. Cyber Security

Cyber security professionals and engineers make around €78,655 a year. As threats to data are increasing on a large scale, there is an increased demand for cyber security professionals across the world.

Cyber security professionals should have a fair knowledge of modern-day security threats and should devise plans to tackle any such situations. You should review the security of an organization’s systems and data and manage any possible threats.

  1. Data Scientist

Becoming a data science professional always tops the list when you consider the best-paying jobs in 2022. According to PayScale and Glassdoor statistics, the average annual salary of a data scientist ranges from €55,721 to €63,000. 

As a data scientist, you should organize and research structured and unstructured data to derive useful information and patterns to inform the decision-making strategies of the organization.

Building a career in the IT sector is futuristic and shall help in further professional growth through valuable insights. And IT is one industry that will always move forward toward progress.

This article is written by Anu Augustine.


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