10 Ullu Web Series Which You Can Watch At Night (2023)


An extensive selection of Indian films, web series, and short films may be found on the well-known streaming service Ullu. This OTT service is well-known for its mature programming, which has helped it gain a following among viewers who like to watch risk-taking shows. Below mentioned are 10 Ullu web series which you can check out at night.

Hottest Ullu Web Series Cast Overview

Web Series NameCast
Charmsukh Pajama PartyVihan Verma, Gaurav Kumar, and more
Charmsukh Kaamwali BaiGarima Maurya, Jay Zaveri, and more
ShubhratriSachin Chhabra, Dev Gaur, and more
Chamsukh BehrupiyaNikita Nikas, Nidhi Mahawan, and more
HalalaDeepika Singh Goyal, Yatin Karyekar, and more
Ghapa GhapPamela Mondal, Shashank Mishra, and more
CatladyTaufeeq Khan, Angel Bhandari, and more
Riti Riwaz PinjaraSuraj Soni, Mishti Basu, and more
Good NightAmika Shail, Malhar Pandya, and more
Palang Tod ShorAnkit Raj, Soni Jha, and more

10 Ullu Web Series:

1. Charmsukh Pajama Party

In this erotic ullu web series, Rahul commutes from Kanpur to Delhi for his education. But Sam, one of his friends, brought a dancer to the pajama party one evening. Starring Vihan Verma, Gaurav Kumar, and more.

2. Charmsukh Kaamwali Bai

Par has a boyfriend and wants to get married to him, but her boyfriend’s mother demands a dowry in order for her to wed her son. Starring Garima Maurya, Jay Zaveri, and more.

3. Shubhratri

A husband and wife relationship in which the husband is reserved while the wife is outgoing. Starring Sachin Chhabra, Dev Gaur, and more.

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4. Chamsukh Behrupiya

All of her dreams are gathering in her eyes, waiting impatiently to be revealed. Her breaths contain the longing, the suspense, the heartbeat, and the confession of someone else. Starring Nikita Nikas, Nidhi Mahawan, and more.

5. Halala

A newlywed Muslim couple must dispute about the practice of nikah halala following triple talaq. Starring Deepika Singh Goyal, Yatin Karyekar, and more.

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6. Ghapa Ghap

When a group of burglars storm into the house as a couple is performing, they go straight for the money before beating the man to a pulp and learning a startling truth. Starring Pamela Mondal, Shashank Mishra, and more.

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7. Catlady

In this ullu web series, A young girl of his kind is about to encounter a soul collector, who feeds his appetite by stealing the souls of innocent females. Starring Taufeeq Khan, Angel Bhandari, and more.

8. Riti Riwaz Pinjara

An unknowing bride’s sexual identity is in danger thanks to a simple strategy to save the marriage. Starring Suraj Soni, Mishti Basu, and more.

9. Good Night

On the verge of having their first child together are three pairs of married couples. Their zeal is contagious, but they have been dealt a bad hand by fate. Starring Amika Shail, Malhar Pandya, and more.

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10. Palang Tod Shor

The ullu web series is centred around a woman who finds happiness with a married man in her community. Starring Ankit Raj, Soni Jha, and more.


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