How to Choose Footwear for Your Wedding Day


You can have the most astonishing ensemble planned for your special day, but it will be incomplete without the perfect footwear. Many are so preoccupied with selecting the best attire, jewelry, and makeup that they hardly spare a thought for your footwear. With a whole variety of women slippers available at your disposal, it is essential that you don’t select any random pair for your wedding day. A lot of thought must go behind it. Consider these factors before zeroing in on your footwear.


Comfort might be the last thing on your mind, but your wedding day is going to be long and tiring. You’ll have to ensure that your footwear is comfortable. An uncomfortable pair might ruin the candid takes which the photographer plans on capturing. While you can set fire with heels on any other day, they’re probably best left alone on your wedding day. Choose a nice and strappy pair of ladies’ sandals that will look amazing while still being very comfortable.

Consider the Venue 

The location of the wedding should be a prime consideration when picking out your footwear. What might work otherwise may not be suitable for a lawn. If you are primarily going to be on grass, high and pointed heels may not be the best option for you. Go with wedge heels or a comfortable pair of juttis which won’t hamper your movement.

Get Used to Them!

You go to a store, your eyes fall on the most beautiful pair of shoes, and you buy them. Only to wear them for the first time on your wedding day. This is a recipe for disaster. This is the tricky bit about ladies sandal. You need to get your feet accustomed to them. On your wedding day, the spotlight is going to be on you. You will be the center of attention, so it’s important that you conduct yourself well. This can only happen if you are used to the footwear you will be wearing on D-Day. Wear them around, walk in them and get fully comfortable in them. You don’t want sore feet making an appearance at your wedding, do you?

Long Term Planning

Are you going to wear your shoes just for the special day or is it going to be in regular use? If you want to preserve your entire attire along with your shoes, you might want to consider going for something fancy and expensive. If you are going to keep it safe and maybe pass it on to your future children, keep in mind to buy a good quality pair which will not easily get worn out. If you intend on wearing them after your wedding, you can go in for a comfortable and stylish pair of women’s slippers. These can be flat belles or wedge heels.

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Matching with Your Outfit and Accessories 

In all probability, your ankle will be donning a very pretty payal. Your footwear shouldn’t take away the sheen from your jewelry. Pick a pair that will complement your look and not clash with it. Most brides also make the mistake of thinking that their lehengas will cover their footwear and they can wing it. Don’t do it! This is your day, and you need to have the best look. If your outfit is bright, make sure your footwear is the same.

Decide the Footwear AFTER the Clothes and Jewelry.

It would help if you got your wardrobe and accessories sorted first before your footwear, rather than working backward. This will help you pick the most suitable pair. Your clothes and jewelry will aid you greatly. Instead, if you first buy your footwear, you will be under pressure to design your whole look based on that. Avoid all that unnecessary stress of choosing between heels, sandals, and juttis at the last moment. 

Don’t Rush the Footwear!

A wedding involves a lot of work and planning, and it’s understandable if you leave your footwear to the last minute. This could be disastrous as you risk spoiling your entire ensemble. Give your footwear a lot of thought and take your time in trying and picking out the perfect pair. Choosing them in a hurry or wearing a pair just for the heck of it may seem like a desirable option when you’re out of time. Later on, when you look at your wedding photos, you may end up regretting not spending more time on your shoes.

Don’t Limit Yourself.

It is YOUR day! Who says you have to limit yourself to a single pair? Are you torn between a really gorgeous pair and a simple, comfortable pair? You can always wear one pair for sometime and then change into the comfortable ones when you have to go around interacting with the guests. 

To all you extraordinary ladies, your wedding day is going to be extremely special. Undoubtedly, your entire focus will be on your hair, makeup, clothes, and jewelry. But do not ignore your pretty little feet. They deserve the best too. So pick the perfect footwear which will only add to your beauty. With a wide variety of women’s slippers available at your disposal, choose the one best for you and avail of the amazing dil ki deals. Don’t settle for anything less.


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