World Social Media Day 2022 Theme, Quotes, Wishes, Captions to Share


World Social Media Day 2022 Theme, Quotes, Wishes, Captions: World Social Media Day is celebrated every year on 30 June. The purpose of this day is to inform everyone about how social media emerged as an important tool for communication in the world. World Social Media Day was launched in 2010. There are more than 3 billion active social media users on different platforms around the world. After telegram, telephone, and fax machines, the means of communication expanded. In today’s time, social media has become an important part of everyone’s life, be it 18 year old man or a 65-year-old man. It has changed the way I see the world. We can easily stay connected with our friends, relatives, and loved ones. Social media has completely changed the lifestyle of the common man. Whether the work is small or big, all are completed through social media.

On World Social Media Day, people congratulate each other by sending Theme, Quotes, Wishes, and Captions, and if you also want to wish your friends or Relatives, then here you are at the right place, here we have brought you “World Social Media Day 2022 Theme, Quotes, Wishes, Captions to Share” These themes, Quotes, Wishes, Captions you can send to your friends and relatives to wish Them.

World Social Media Day 2022 Theme, Quotes, Wishes, Captions

To help us appreciate having the world just a friend request away, here are multiple Advantages of Social Media That Are Good To Keep In Mind. Happy Social Media Day!

“By giving people the power to share, we are making the world more transparent.”- Mark Zuckerberg

Create a hash-tag about a cause you care about and get your friends and classmates to know about it on this social media day. The more people you can get to know about it the bigger difference it will make an impact. Happy Social Media Day!

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“Privacy is dead, and social media hold the smoking gun.”-Pete Cashmore.

Create a petition to demand action about an issue you care about and encourage your friends to sign it on this Social Media Day. Happy Social Media Day!

Let us thank Social Media which keeps us in touch with friends and family who are far away. Happy Social Media Day!

“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.”-Jeff Bezos

“Social media is addictive precisely because it gives us something which the real world lacks: It gives us immediacy, direction and value as an individual.”- David Amerland


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