Latest Apple MacBook Pro Review: Slim, Trim, and Stunning Screen


MacBooks had recently replaced the Intel processor with the M1 processor. This new processor offers you enhanced performance in comparison to the previous ones. 

The latest MacBook Pro model has an even more powerful chip called M2. Apart from that, it has also added many more improvements to enhance your experience. You can expect a better display and performance from it compared to previous models.

Apple has continued using many features of the older MacBook Pro models on the latest one. And, that includes the thinner screen bezels introduced in the MacBook Pro M1, which might be good news for you. 

Are you thinking about getting the latest MacBook Pro? Then, you must consider what it offers before deciding whether it would be worthwhile. 

Latest Apple MacBook Pro Features

You might want to upgrade to the latest MacBook Pro to enjoy the latest features. Especially so if the performance on your older MacBook has deteriorated. However, you need not necessarily replace your device right away. Fixing it with the help of an expert MacBook Repair Dubai might buy you some time for that. 

As for the new MacBook Pro, it has several features that we must look at separately.


The design of the latest MacBook Pro is not much different from the previous model. It has the same unibody aluminium design that MacBooks have featured for a long time. This is probably not an issue for most people as it is quite a stylish design. You also get the Touch Bar on this model that the earlier ones featured. 

If you want more ports, the latest MacBook Pro does not have much to offer you. Apple has continued the two Thunderbolt ports on it and only added one MagSafe port. The thinner bezels are a great feature, but they are not new to the MacBook Pro. 

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard and touchpad in the latest MacBook Pro are the same as their predecessor. So, you get the Magic Keyboard in this model for a great typing experience. 

Apart from that, this model also continues the spacious trackpad feature of the MacBook Pro series. When compared to the keyboards of other laptops, the Magic Keyboard is not the best one. However, it can still ensure a comfortable typing experience for you.

As for the touchpad, it is very responsive as it has always been. Making gestures on this touchpad is very easy due to its spacious size. Overall, the keyboard and trackpad maintain the same performance that the 2021 MacBook Pro offered you. 


The webcam is an important feature for many MacBook Pro users out there. Especially for those who need to use video conferencing regularly. The 2022 MacBook Pro M2 features a 720p webcam, which is sufficient for such requirements. 

If you want better video quality, the previous MacBook Pro has a 1080p webcam. The same goes for the latest MacBook Air model from Apple. So, the latest MacBook Pro only offers you adequate quality when it comes to the webcam. 


The new MacBook Pro from Apple comes with the latest macOS Monterey preinstalled. This software offers you many improvements to the features of macOS Big Sur. It was not perfect when the MacBook Pro M1 was launched. 

But, it can work quite well with the M2 chip of the latest MacBook Pro. You will find this operating software easy to use, even if you are new to macOS. 

Apple is going to launch the next macOS version called Ventura soon in 2022. You can update it on your MacBook Pro 2 whenever it is available. Hopefully, it would further enhance the performance that the macOS Monterey offers you. 

Battery Life

The battery life is one of the most impressive features of the MacBook Pro M1. As with all previous models, Apple has enhanced the battery life further with this one. According to them, the MacBook Pro M2 can last as long as 20 hours. 

However, it might last for about 18 hours, depending on the tasks you are performing. And, that is still quite a long duration when it comes to the battery life. So, the latest MacBook Pro’s battery life is not unique, even though it is quite long. 

Display and Audio

Apple has not made any changes to the display and audio in the MacBook Pro M2. And, that means you get the same bright and colourful display that the previous model offered you. 

So, the visual experience does not get better or worse but remains the same in this model. And, that makes the MacBook Pro M2 fall behind some other laptops that feature display enhancements. Yet, it is safe to say that the display in the latest MacBook Pro is great, if not the best. 

The only shortcoming many people might find in it is the lack of touchscreen functions. As for the audio quality, it remains as good as that on the MacBook Pro M1. So, Apple has not made further enhancements to this aspect either. 

Performance and Cooling

The M2 chip is the most important feature of the latest MacBook Pro. Also, this laptop is the first one in the market to feature this chip. The M2 processor is an improved version of the M1. 

If you have used the MacBook Pro M1, you know how powerful its performance is. So, the MacBook Pro M2 offers you even more processing power to handle heavy tasks. 

Moreover, you also get optimal cooling performance on this laptop. And, that means it can run resource-demanding tasks without heating up excessively. 

The MacBook Pro M2 is a perfect choice for video and photo tasks, and it can also handle various other everyday tasks with considerable ease. 

Gaming Performance

Are you looking for a high-end gaming experience from your laptop? The M2 chip surprisingly cannot match your requirements despite being so powerful. So, you cannot expect the best gaming performance from the MacBook Pro M2. 

RAM and Storage

The MacBook Pro M2 offers a maximum storage space of 2TB, less than what the previous model featured. So, Apple has reduced the MacBook Pro’s storage space with this model. 

However, 2TB of space is enough to fulfil the everyday requirements of most users. You can opt for a maximum device memory of 24GB, which is significantly lower than on previous models. 

Yet, it is enough to support most of your regular tasks and a lot of heavy ones. So, both the RAM and storage options have been lowered on the MacBook Pro M2. 


Whether you must get the MacBook Pro M2 depends entirely on your requirements. However, there are some good reasons for both buying and avoiding it. The fast performance, long battery life, and vibrant display make this laptop worthwhile. But, you have to deal with a comparably low webcam quality and a limited number of ports if you get it. 


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