Retail brands that are mobile-ready and digitally-driven are positioned to capitalize on the holidays. Most of your daily tasks are accomplished on your mobile device if you’re anything like me (admittedly). In most cases, I start and end a shopping session with my smartphone for seasonal shopping. 

Millions of consumers around the world are currently experiencing much better conventional experiences thanks to mobile apps. Shopping, reading, and ordering food are many things made more accessible and more convenient through technology. It is hard to imagine how any festival can potentially avoid the app fever in the world with the rapid transformation occurring at such a fast pace? The trend of mobile apps bringing business and sales to the business community during the holiday season is projected in progressive industry reports for years to come. After downloading 328 million apps and games during Christmas 2012, the number jumped by 11 percent the year after. The pace of app downloads has continued at this pace throughout 2013. The role of mobile app marketing is critical here! 

During the holiday season, companies can significantly increase revenue by using the advantages offered by mobile apps. The modern mobile revolution is taking the globe by storm in the 21st century, so a carefully planned festive sale strategy is all one needs. Businesses can increase sales during the festive season with the help of mobile apps using many different techniques. Here are a few of them:

  • The Behavior of Consumers

Today’s customers have many choices to choose from, so it becomes almost impossible to keep them engaged with your app after they download it. It allows them to find the best price among similar apps, compare them, and find the most suitable one. Even though this activity represents a threat in terms of competition, it offers the same benefit of generating cross-channel-customer data to enable you to develop a better app. Based on this data, customers’ decision-making behaviours can be observed. The information provided below can help you identify the deficiencies of your competitor’s apps and fill them in. You’ll be able to boost sales, boost engagement and improve retention by doing so.

  • Introducing app-only offers & push notifications

During the season of the festive holidays, shoppers have access to incredible deals. The shoppers tend to spend more during the holidays because they are in holiday euphoria. Shoppers looking for the best deals for holiday gifts can benefit significantly from a mobile app. Businesses can send in-app notifications to customers to remind them about the upcoming holiday season and the benefits they can receive by shopping for their favourite gifts on their mobile app. Additionally, mobile apps give shoppers easy access to shopping anytime, so they can buy gifts as soon as they think of them.

Offering customers more and more incentives to buy with dedicated in-app offers and custom in-app notifications, such as deals, reminders, and gift suggestions. Introducing a promotional campaign such as a Christmas sale also increases the scope for increased sales around the holiday season.

  • Relevant announcements on social media assist in engaging buyers

Making people aware of your holiday sale is another thing entirely—it’s one thing to plan one, but quite another to promote one. Modern businesses shouldn’t rely on conventional methods of promoting their mobile shopping apps, such as in-store branding and sale announcements. Instead, they should leverage the power of social media to drive traffic. With mobile apps, you can run festive sales and inform buyers and prospects about the best deals. Because mobile apps are convenient ways to buy gifts for loved ones, buyers will likely download them and engage with them during the holiday season, increasing sales.

  • App interfaces & promotions can use festive-themed visuals & content

It is now the season of celebration, and the essence of this should find its way into a shopping app. If businesses use festive-themed visuals and promotions, they are more likely to engage their customers, causing them to become more interested in what their companies have to offer. In addition, having a festive interface on your app – creating holiday-specific Christmas lists, Thanksgiving gift recommendations, and new year’s lists- can boost engagement, causing users to spend more time on it, thus increasing revenue potential.

In A Nutshell

Modern-day businesses facing the challenge of increasing sales face many challenges. During the festive seasons, you need to get in touch with a promising mobile app development company that can assist businesses in increasing sales and revenues through mobile applications. In contrast, the digital platform offering a lucrative mobile app landscape provides excellent opportunities for shopping portals and traditional businesses to increase sales.

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