What are the Outsourced Call Centre Services in India?


Being an easy word, outsourcing call centres includes contacting a team of agents that work outside of the company. In this process, you need to call your customer rather than the customer calling you. Hence, the basic difference is that outsourcing services include the sales process. Whereas, inbound service includes customer support and technical support services.

In this process, calls are attended by the agents who are trained with individual human resources. Over the past two decades, advancement in IT has led to huge growth in this industry. Also, it allows organizations to engage with the services of third-party vendors based at remote locations. And these third-party vendors fulfill the business call centre needs.

Types of Outsourcing Call Centres in India

Well, here is a summary of a list of a few outsourcing call centre. Have a look at them!

Professional Outsourcing Services:

Accounting, legal, purchasing, information technology (IT), and IT or administrative support are examples of professional outsourcing services. It is one of the most popular call centre outsourcing services. The reason is, there is a potential for high-cost savings. The company only pays for services that are actually provided while having access to high-quality resources, significantly lowering overhead costs.

IT Outsourcing Service:

Today, IT is one of the most common outsourcing services. It entails hiring a third party. And these third parties handle all or a portion of a company’s IT needs. IT business needs vary from software development to maintenance and support.

These days, almost every organization has IT needs or works with IT at some level. For many businesses, it is less expensive to hire a third-party IT management team than to build one in-house. IT outsourcing is frequently used by enterprises to store and manage data. But, most businesses outsource a portion of their IT functions only.

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Projects Outsourcing Service:

Companies struggle to manage one of their projects or even complete a portion of a specific project. As a result, many people will hire a project management firm to handle the project. In some cases, the company may lack sufficient employees with the required skills to complete the project. It also costs more to complete the project in-house rather than outsource it to a more qualified company.

Process Specific Outsourcing Service:

Outsourcing specific operational aspects to other companies or units that specialize in that particular service are very common nowadays. A bakery can outsource the delivery of a packaged cake to a courier company such as UPS or FedEx. 

A contract of this type would then include details on delivery timelines, customer contacts, and costs. It allows each company to focus on its strengths and improve customer service while reducing costs and time. Process outsourcing can also refer to the practice of turning over control of public sector services. For example, fire, police, and armed forces to for-profit corporations.

Operational Outsourcing Service:

Before using outsourcing services, companies should recognize its benefits in specific projects or areas of their business. These benefits help to increase productivity and run a more efficient operation overall. Consider the areas of your business where outsourcing could help, as well as the other outsourcing options available for you.

Best Call Centre Outsourcing Companies in India

Well, here I summarized a list of the best Call Centre Outsourcing in India. They are mentioned below. Have a look at them!

Contech Outsourcing:

Contech Outsourcing is headed by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. It provides a single platform for all medical transcription, sheet music engraving, and medical scribing needs. And also allow you to focus entirely on your core business. This aims to provide accurate, timely, and cost-effective services to make back-office profitable for its clients.

Go4custoimer has a large team of experienced professionals. And these professionals provide perfect solutions to global customers and develop valuable relationships with them. Furthermore, our dedicated agents proactively communicate with customers, converting customer relationships into significant business value. Our outbound call agents will not only help you increase revenue, but they will also help you grow your customer base.

Versatile BPO

Founded in 1999, Versatile BPO lives up to its name by providing a wide range of unrivaled services. From general services such as personalized mailing, web development, and CADD services to specialized services such as image processing, data entry, data processing, data conservation, and web research, versatile BPO has a strong presence in India and abroad.

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At this age, handling a call centre is difficult. It requires hard work, strategic vision, and the ability to reach difficult tasks. Every IT company works with third-party outsourced call centres to enhance its business. But, it is also essential to find a better call centre to grow your business.

You can get professional outsourced call centre services from They provide the right services at the exact right price by assembling a team of experts and professionals!

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