Where Can I Hire An AngularJS Developer- 5 Best Ways 


Where can I find an AngularJS developer? How much does it cost to hire AngularJS developers? What should I look for? How will I shortlist? Which one to choose? 

When a business needs to hire software developers in India, they take a lot into account. But, despite that brainstorming, finding the right person for the task can get challenging. 

Ideally, you need a dedicated AngularJS developer. They must possess a balanced understanding of the framework, project experience, customization capabilities, and problem-solving skills. Simultaneously, they should comply with your cost constraints and deadlines! 

But, how do you find such a resource? 

This guide delivers on that line of thought; learn how to hire AngularJS developers within your budget for maximum impact and the best outcomes. 

AngularJS- A Quick Summary

AngularJS is an open-source, Javascript framework. We use this structural framework to build dynamic web applications. 

Released in 2010Last stable release- 1.8.2 Language: JavaScript Front-end for MEAN Stack 6.47% market penetration in JS frameworks Preferred by nearly 23% of software developers worldwide As per the State of JavaScript report in 2022, Angular stands at 54% usage and 45% satisfaction rate. 

Here are some of the best benefits of using AngularJS for web application development. 

  • Easy learning curve 
  • Simpler UI construction with two-way binding
  • High-performance SPA development
  • Declarative UI for easy design & development 
  • Google-backed support and documentation 
  • MVC model allows simpler code management 
  • Real-time testing features 

How To Hire AngularJS Developers- Top 5 Tips For Businesses 

Use these suggestions to hire dedicated software developers for your AngularJS project in no time. 

1. Identify The Role Of An AngularJS Developer In Your Project

The role of an AngularJS developer is standard. However, their responsibilities may vary by project. 

You need to identify both and then create a requirement document that communicates your expectations. 


Analyze your project, team architecture, workflow, and necessities. Then, determine and list the following information.  

  • Role (An overall description of their job) 
  • Responsibilities/duties (Daily) 
  • Technical and non-technical skills 
  • Project-specific skills

Consider this example of a requirement document to hire AngularJS developers.

AngularJS Developer Requirement Document Template

The AngularJS Developer will be responsible for creating a fully-functional client-side UI.

1. Write, test, and document JavaScript, HTML, and CSS codes 
2. Make design calls and technical decisions in favour of the AngularJS project
3. Monitor, oversee, and maintain product performance  

On a regular basis, the resource will be responsible for the following duties, unless specified otherwise. 

1. UI design and development 
2. Restful APIs building 
3. Working with external APIs & data sources
4. Unit test development 
5. Product analysis task development 
6. Performance testing 
7. Providing technical support 
8. Participation in regular code reviews 
Specific Duties: 

Professionals with the following capabilities will be preferred. 

1. Multilingual and responsive user interface development 
2. An understanding of complex business-logical challenges
3. Client communication skills 
4. Additional familiarity with Angular, React, Blazor, or Vue.js

1. Computer science and software development fundamentals 
2. 5+ years of experience 
3. Familiar with Agile development 
4. Work experience/achievements in JavaScript frameworks
5. Should know how to create component-based reusable and testable modules and pages.
6. Experience with JSON and XML 
7. Team player; excellent communication

2. Specify Top AngularJS Development Skills  

Do Not Look For The Perfect Developer. They Don’t Exist. 

Any decent framework has multiple modules, components, rules, and limitations. Expecting to hire AngularJS developers with 360-degree expertise is a great way to set yourself up for disappointment. 

Instead, hire dedicated software developers with expertise in the top AngularJS skills. Rank the prospects by how well they know your targeted framework and its implementation possibilities for the project you are attempting. 

We have a standard list here. You can add to it as per your project specifications. 

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a. AngularCLI & NPM 

Developers use NPM (Node Package Manager) to install most front-end web development packages, including AngularJS. Angular CLI is the second thing a developer installs for easy app configuration. 

Knowing how they work is a critical, no-compromise skill requirement. 

b. Debugging & Testing 

Any developer works in a team with other people’s codes and processes. Therefore, they must understand how the other cogs work. 

With problem identification and detection skills, developers will quickly vet other people’s codes and create unified and accurate solutions. 

c. TypeScript Proficiency 

Think of TypeScript as a superset of JavaScript. 

It reduces code faults, facilitates better refactoring, and simplifies coding.  Most client-side frameworks are quickly adopting this language, in addition to JavaScript.

If you hire AngularJS developers with TypeScript proficiency, they can offer long-term benefits to your organisation. 

d. HTML & CSS 

The growing use of JavaScript and TypeScript does not eliminate the significance of HTML and CSS. On the contrary, HTML and CSS allow developers to tweak their AngularJS code and make precise changes to render the output exactly how they want it. 

e. Git 

Git is a great way to control your code source and implement new changes without fearing a complete system relapse. 

Hire AngularJS developers who know how to monitor and manipulate Git repositories. That will allow you to experiment and evolve confidently. 

f. Angular Build Tools 

An AngularJS front-end requires constant modifications on multiple fronts, like dependencies, caches, images, etc. JavaScript build tools let us automate ambiguous activities, thus saving time. 

Therefore, knowing how they work is important to a developer. 

g. RxJS

AngularJS uses this reactive programming library for multiple common and asynchronous tasks. The understanding of RxJS will benefit any project in terms of time and speed. 

3. Choose A Mode Of Hiring  

Thanks to globalisation, traipsing around in-house hiring (and its limitations) is no longer your only option. 

Instead, you can-

  • delegate the task to an AngularJS development company, 
  • hire a third-party specialist, 
  • or contract a freelancer. 

But, whichever medium you pick, consider their impact on your short and long-term goals. 

a. In-house Recruitment 

In-house recruitment is the best way to invest in a resource. Unfortunately, it is also the costliest.

Hiring a full-time team member requires your commitment. They require continuous monitoring, administration, and management. In addition, you have to pay them for hours worked, plus state-mandated benefits and organization-standard incentives. 

Another issue to consider with in-house recruitment: as your requirements evolve, you will need more resources and better skills, leading to increasing costs. 

All of that is justified if you are internally handling the AngularJS development project, have that kind of budget & time, and balance the ROI expectations accordingly. 

If not, you should think about other cost-efficient hiring mediums.  

b. Outsource AngularJS Development 

The benefits of outsourcing are quite straightforward. 

  • Quick results 
  • Minimal effort 
  • Lower cost 

More specifically, your project gets many benefits if you hire AngularJS developers from a remote/offshore service provider. 

  • Outsourcing to low-cost countries like India costs significantly less 
  • An experienced AngularJS development company will manage the project lifecycle for you
  • Scaling or reducing an outsourced team is simpler as opposed to growing an in-house team 
  • You still have all the control but minimal monitoring obligations 
  • Zero infrastructure cost- any decent IT outsourcing company will maintain its resources & personnel 
  • Outsourcing will get you enterprise-grade quality & region-wise compliances 
  • With dedicated resources on your project, the time-to-market also goes down by a large margin 

The decision will depend on your objectives, time frame, budget, and effort capacity. So, analyze these factors before choosing any one medium to hire AngularJS developers. 

4. Dive Into The Prospect’s Experience & Portfolio  

Always, ALWAYS, ask a prospect about their implementation experience with AngularJS. 

We use AngularJS in the following use cases, mostly. 

  • Dynamic web apps 
  • Scalable enterprise solutions 
  • Platform migration 
  • Customized interface design 
  • Responsive web solutions 

A qualified candidate should have a few of these use cases in their work experience. Talk to them about those projects to determine their expertise and familiarity with the technology. 

5. Compute The Cost To Hire An AngularJS Developer

The ease and flexibility of hiring an AngularJS developer depends on: 

  1. Hiring source 
    1. Freelancer 
    2. In-house 
    3. Third-party company 
  2. Country and region where the resource resides 
  3. Project scope and skill requirements 
  4. Proficiency level 
  5. App complexity 
  6. Time constraints 

Once you make these choices, you can compare the costs and choose the most effective option. 

As per multiple industry reports, that cost may fall in the following range 

  • $10-$150 an hour on freelancing websites 
  • $1000+ a month for in-house recruitment 
  • $25-$100 an hour at third-party AngularJS development companies 

For example, consider this. 

A senior AngularJS developer with specific skills like server-side rendering, socket handling, and internalization will be costlier than a medium-level resource. However, that senior resource hired from a remote AngularJS development company may cost less than the medium-level resource hired in-house. 

Test all such combinations before you make a decision. 

Use These Tips To Hire AngularJS Developers For Better Outcomes  

We have shared the necessary steps you must take to delegate your targeted AngularJS development services to the best match; the right resource.

Let’s summarize them quickly. 

  1. Identify resource requirements 
  2. Determine the most fitting skillset 
  3. Choose the mode of hiring 
  4. Verify resource expertise in your project niche 
  5. Compute and compare the cost of hiring 

Keep your research in line with the type, level, and complexity you seek in a candidate. Judge their expertise based on your requirements and expectations. 

Now, you know how to hire AngularJS developers. Good luck finding the right one! 

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