6 Powerful Ways to Save Money and Time in College


Saving money often comes with a price – time. It’s likely that you may find yourself spending more money to save time on shopping and spending more time to save money on commute. Finding a middle ground may be tough, but not impossible. Let’s look at 6 such powerful ways to save both time and money.

1. Depend on Library:

Renting books are more efficient and affordable than buying new ones. Every college has a dedicated library where you can get your hands on the latest edition books without paying a fee or buying expensive textbooks to study throughout the semester.

If you are living on campus, it’s more suitable to rent books than buy new ones. Rented books can be deposited or withdrawn at any point in time as per your convenience. Although buying new books may be useful after graduation as a resource, but in this era of technology, you can always get your hands on soft copies and pay for your dissertation.

2. A Car is not Your Friend:

Students don’t necessarily need a car for their daily commute around campus. But you may find a car efficient if you live far away from campus and need to commute daily. While having a car obviously has its perks, it also calls for a lot of unaccounted for expenses that you might feel overwhelming after a year or two.

If you are determined to have a car, go for the basic ones and not something flashy and expensive. Typically expensive cars are known for their powerful engines and luxurious features, which a college student uses seldomly.

3. Limit having Dine-outs:

Dine-outs are best friends of college students. After a long week of assignments and tests, it’s always great to have a whole evening to enjoy with your friends. As enjoyable dine-outs are, they are typically expensive for college students.

Having a day or two of dine-outs every month may not seem much, but if you keep going out every other day, the costs will add up pretty fast. Dine-out places often give discounts to college students. Don’t forget to take your ID card while going out.

As a college student, don’t hesitate to explore cheaper hygienic places. They often have the best foods around town.

4. Use Your Mobile Device Effectively:

To save time and money while being in college, start using your mobile device effectively to take notes, do research, and find essay help. You can keep track of your schedule on your mobile device as an additional benefit.

Need a quick look at the notes just before the class starts? Have your mobile handy. Having a mobile means you can save money and commute by watching the latest movies in that without needing to go to the theatre.

Save your time by having online purchases enabled on your card and shopping with online stores that deliver to your place. That way you won’t need to go out shopping.

Avoid queues by booking online tickets and appointments through the apps that offer you that service.

5. Sticking to Schedule:

As I’ve said before, sticking to a schedule throughout your semester is going to save you a lot of time. When you follow your schedule, you tend to complete your task without ever wasting any time, which would leave you with a lot of free time to take care of other responsibilities.

An effective schedule may also save you some money on late fees.

6. Keep Distractions Away:

Most time of a college student gets wasted just by having distractions. Distractions like social media, TV series, long calls, make you forget about the task at hand and take the enjoyment out of it first. 

The major source of distraction is mobile devices. If you don’t utilize your mobile as you should as a college student. It’s going to make you miss deadlines with alerts and accessibility.

To keep distractions away from your studies and class, turn off the alerts, or if possible keep a hostile nature towards it and turn it off altogether.

If you like listening to music, try listening to instrumentals – which have only music – while studying to other distractions away. 

Go minimal. Go as minimal as possible by cleaning your study room and getting rid of every other element that doesn’t belong in your room.

The Bottom Line: 

A little motivation can go long away. Motivate yourself to save money, not waste time, get good topics to write about in college, and you might be able to save a million. Every other person, who have made millions, talk about saving money and not wasting time. 

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